Located near the town of Bancroft in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Family/kid's Retreat


During the Family Retreats, which are open to kids aged 8-14 (at least one caregiver from each family is required to attend the full weekend with their children), we’ll be sharing basic insight meditation techniques in a kid-friendly way - balancing formal sits, meditation activities and lots of play. We hope to inspire each and every family member to then continue their exploration and mastery of their mind-body relationship, resulting in a more harmonious life for the entire family. Check out the daily schedule to see what each day looks like.

Group activities for the Children are lead by our team of facilitators, which will give the parents an opportunity to attend in the zendo for several hours of guided meditation.  Outside of these Group Activities the children will be under the supervision of their parents/ caregivers.

We would ask that the kids do not bring any electronics into the Samadhi Center, and encourage the parents to also unplug for the weekend. There will be books, games, crafts and puzzles for everyone in the family to enjoy, and you’re also free to bring your own.

While we are very understanding that children often find sitting still and quiet very challenging (as do most adults), we ask that silence be maintained during the formal family sits in the zendo.


1 parent/caregiver and one child - $125 total per night in the main building or private cabin (each cabin has two single beds)

Additional family members - $50 per night

The Facilities

We have four private cabins (two single beds in each) with access to an outhouse and outdoor shower building, two private rooms in the Center (two single beds), and two dorms with 6 beds (three bunk beds) in each. Accommodations are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

We provide simple tasty meals at the Center and will be offering a kid-friendly menu during the family retreats. If there are particular dietary requirements we are happy to accommodate if given notice.  The Center can accommodate about 20 people and is located off grid on 15 acres of beautiful forest with walking trails through the property and a geodesic growing dome.

For more information, check out our retreat logistics page here:

For Kids: Why on earth would I want to go to a meditation retreat?

The truth is, even most grown ups have a hard time meditating, but there’s a really, really good reason that so many people - especially kids - are learning to meditate. Practicing even a few minutes of meditation a day will help you build focus and concentration skills, and these make you better at playing soccer, gaming, getting through a math test, learning guitar...you get the picture. And it helps you when things get a bit stressful, whether that’s at school like when another kid bugs you, or at home when someone in your family (not you, of course!) is a bit grumpy, or during your baseball team’s big game. Meditation can also be hugely helpful for helping deal with the worries and frustrations that come up in life.
And the best part of this retreat?! We’ll play lots of games like Manhunt to Badminton, Silent Ninja or maybe even a full on water fight. If you’re in the mood to hang around inside we’ll have art activities, puzzles and games to keep you busy too. And we’ve created a kid-friendly menu to keep your belly happy and full: pasta, pizza, popcorn, muffins, cookies…stuff like that. So hopefully we’ll see you at the Samadhi Center meditation mixed with lots of fun stuff. If you have any questions your parents can’t answer, feel free to send us a message!

For the Parents/Caregivers: At the Samadhi Center our goal is to connect families with meditation in a fun and supportive environment. Our approach to meditation is non-sectarian and focuses on time-tested simple insight meditation techniques, which the kids will practice both sitting and during activities. This retreat is for children aged 8-14, and at least one parent or caregiver must also attend for the entire weekend.

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