Located near the town of Bancroft in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Samadhi Center
Retreats for Returning participants

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is similar in structure to the regular retreats. However there are no beginner teachings and there is more time for meditation. It is a great opportunity to go deep into the inner world. There will be one group process per day. There will be no daily scheduled one-on-one interviews.
The schedule can be found here.


In the interest of keeping things organized and efficient, we envision that there will be some communal food prepared each day (ie. rice, quinoa, soup, dal....). We will have basic ingredients on hand to prepare a few vegetarian dishes. Please bring any prepared foods, snacks, breakfast items, and supplemental foods you would like. There will be no formal seva or kitchen supervisor, so we will leave it to the particpants to prepare meals and generally keep the Center clean.


By donation


As always the retreats are in silence.


We will typically do one yaza night during the retreat.